Все варианты егэ по английскому языку

Английский варианты

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The rules are simple. Even young children have no problem working out how to play. The top players study moves in the same way chess players do but anyone can pick it up and have a go. Getting to a high standard takes a lot of hard work and practice but the basics are not particularly difficult. Every year, more and more people discover the pleasures of playing over the internet and the next generation of games consoles are being designed with that in mind.

There seems to be no sign that this explosion in online games will stop any time soon. It was a quiz game and none of the games companies expected it to do well, until an American company became interested in it. Many millions of Trivial Pursuit games have been sold since then in 19 languages and 33 different countries. He dominated the game during those years and almost never lost. He was known as a player who was strong in defence and very few players got the better of him.

Демонстрационные варианты ЕГЭ по английскому языку

When he did lose, it was big news in Moscow chess circles. Twenty years ago, traditional games were played in every school across the country during the break. These days, they are quickly being replaced by hand-held games consoles and other electronic games. Before long, there is a danger that traditional games could die out. Once they are forgotten, it may be impossible to bring these enjoyable pastimes back to the playground. Although I left university with a good degree, I suddenly found that it was actually quite hard to find a job.

And so, for six very long months, I became a market research telephone interviewer. Still, I knew that the hourly rate when I actually did start full time would be good. It was worse than being at school. There were about twenty interviewers like myself, each sitting in a small, dark booth with an ancient computer and a dirty telephone. The booths were around the walls of the fifth floor of a concrete office block, and the supervisors sat in the middle of the room, listening to all of our telephone interviews.

We even had to ask permission to go to the toilet. I was amazed how slowly the day went. Most of our interviews were for a major telecommunications company.